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Kirkwood at a Glance  With large, beautiful stately old homes with broad, open lawns framed by mature trees and sidewalks lining its streets, Kirkwood is the picture of small town America. But while its lifestyle follows much of the stereotype of comfortable, small-town life where neighbors know each other, children walk to the business district to buy ice cream and trinkets and life is quiet and laid back, Kirkwood’s origins veer from the stereotype.

Despite its appearance of a quiet, small midwestern town, Kirkwood is actually a suburb just 14 miles from downtown St. Louis just 14 miles from downtown St. Louis. Because the area is a mere 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis, residents take advantage of some of the shortest commutes in St. Louis County.

Kirkwood City Hall

Kirkwood offers the visitor a variety of experiences-from the excitement of live theatre at Stages, a professional theatrical company, to the titillation of the taste buds at a vibrant farmers’ market to the unending fun at the Magic House Children’s Museum to the quiet solitude of nature on hiking trails in the Powder Valley Conservation Area.

Kirkwood History The city was formally established in 1853 and was named for James Pugh Kirkwood, the engineer who platted the city and surveyed the Pacific railroad route which passed through the area. More Kirkwood History

Kirkwood’s historic past is also one of the main reasons why it has remained one of St. Louisans favorite places to live as the rich and diverse historic architecture is simply too hard to resist. There are also more than 80 Historic Kirkwood Landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places as well as two local historic districts, two national historic districts and several others districts currently under consideration.

Kirkwood Shopping & Special Events  Each year more and more visitors come to Kirkwood for it’s unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences.   With its historic train station and vintage buildings, downtown Kirkwood has retained the charm and warmth of a town of an earlier era although it is a modern suburb.

Kirkwood Junction, another name for historic Downtown retains the charm and character of the past combined with abundant shopping, dining, and entertainment in a rare pedestrian friendly outdoor ambiance. Spanning sixteen square blocks, Kirkwood Junction is home to more than 100 specialty shops and restaurants whose owners and staff often welcome customers by name as they enter. 

Other downtown attractions include the Kirkwood Public Library, Kirkwood Farmers' Market, Post Office, City Hall, Kirkwood YMCA, and many specialty shops, restaurants, and churches are within easy walking distance. Customers and employees of over 150 professional offices and service providers may never have reason to get back into their cars during the day.  Walkers, joggers, cyclists, students and strollers can be seen daily all sharing the tree lined sidewalks in this very "walkable" community.


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City of Webster Groves

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City of Oakland


Numerous plantings and more than one hundred large flower pots that line the streets of Kirkwood Junction enhance the experience of walking, cycling or jogging throughout the area. These amenities along with the unique and historic storefronts in the district enhance the experience of passersby. 

In addition, annual special events such as the Halloween Walk, Summer Solstice Dinner and the Thursday night live entertainment at Station Plaza bring residents out in droves. The two largest community events are undoubtably the annual July 4th fireworks extravaganza at Kirkwood Park, and the Greentree Festival held each September and hosting over 40,000 attendees.

The Greentree Festival provides an annual event that enhances community spirit and provides entertaining and educational activities that reflect the traditional values of community. It includes a craft show with over 200 exhibitors, Civil War Re-enactors, hand dipped candle makers and the ever popular sheep herding event!

Kirkwood Schools  Kirkwood Schools offer an educational experience that is unmatched. The Kirkwood School District has one of the highest graduation rates in the country. This is due not only to the high quality of education, but also to the spirit of cooperation and continued teamwork between parents', teachers', administrators' and residents' commitment to excellence.

The area is also home to several private and parochial primary schools, a private Catholic high school, numerous early childhood educational facilities and St. Louis Community College at Meramec.  View St Louis Area Schools

Kirkwood Recreation  Residents also enjoy the fabulous Kirkwood Recreation Complex which offers an outdoor swimming experience, including a lazy river, a children's pool with a play center, and a diving/lap pool. The Complex also houses an indoor ice arena and a gymnasium where many expositions and sporting events are held.  









The History of Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood, Missouri, was established in 1853 and today is a 9-square-mile community with a population of 27,324 (according to 2000 census information). Located in West St. Louis County, Kirkwood boasts high property values, quality public and private schools, safe neighborhoods and exceptional city services. Over 300 acres of park land can be found throughout the community, from a large central park that includes an aquatic center, ice rink, outdoor amphitheater, ball fields, tennis courts, picnic sites, and playground areas to smaller neighborhood parks.

It’s called “Queen of the St. Louis Suburbs,” an honor Kirkwood has proudly accepted since the late 1800s. As the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River, Kirkwood owes its very existence to the railroad. The city was even named after James Pugh Kirkwood, the engineer in charge of locating, surveying and building the railroad. From the beginning, it’s been a love affair between citizens and trains, as evidenced by the beautiful, historic train station located in the heart of the city. Built in 1893, the station, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is a favorite subject of local and national photographers. It currently serves as a stop for daily Amtrak passenger trains who are greeted by a staff of volunteers and local citizens as Amtrak no longer maintains it's own staff at the facility.





Historic Kirkwood Homes 

Stay tuned for more information on our Historic Homes site as well as specific information on Kirkwood's treasured landmarks!



Kirkwood Area Maps and School Boundaries 

1) CITY OF KIRKWOOD ZONING MAPS:  To view an interactive map that includes zoning districts, parcel identification and many other options visit the Zoning Map Link (please note that it may take a few minutes to load and pay attention to the zooming tools on the right hand side of the map).

2) WALK SCORE MAPS:    We can help you find a walkable place to live by calculating a Walk Score for any address.  Learn how walk-friendly a particular house or neighborhood is and locate nearby places of interest.

So exactly how do I use Walk Score?

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Featured below is the Map Score for historic Old Town Webster Groves.  To try it using your own address simply go to the MapScore link.

3) KIRKWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT MAPS - All children attend Kirkwood high school and the elementary schools and middle schools boundaries appear on the maps below:

Elementary School Boundaries

Kirkwood MO Elementary School District Map

Middle School Boundaries Map




Kirkwood City Services and Resources

Each of the city's departments is listed below alphabetically, along with a few examples of the types of information that can be found on that department's web pages. 



  • Employment With the City

  • Block Party Requests
  • Contacting Mayor and City Council members
  • Contacting City Staff
  • Kirkwood's Strategic Plan
  • City News Releases
  • City newsletters
  • City Charter

Kirkwood Electric:

  • Billing
  • Meter Reading
  • Budget Billing
  • Reporting Power Outage
  • Requesting Service


  • Billing Questions & Inquiries
  • Budget Billing
  • Automated Payments
  • Business Licenses


  • Location of Fire Houses
  • Contacting the Fire Chief
  • Fire Station Tours
  • CPR Training
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Additional Services Offered By The Fire Department


  • Landmarks Program

Municipal Court:

  • Office of the Municipal Court
  • Municipal Courtroom
  • Violations Bureau Schedule of Fines
  • 2009 Court Dates
  • Courtroom Standards
  • FAQs
  • Drivers License Questions


Parks and Recreation: 

  • Community Center, Room Reservations
  • Ice Rink
  • Recreation Station Aquatic Center
  • Park Locations, Amenities
  • Kirkwood Park Amenities


  • Bureau of Field Operations
  • Bureau of Investigation
  • Citizen Police Academy
  • Communications
  • Community Services
  • Contacting the Police Department
  • Explorers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • K-9 Unit

Public Works:

  • Engineering Division: Planning & Zoning,
    Sewer Lateral Insurance Program
  • Building Commissioner's Office:
    Inspections and Permits
  • Sanitation Division: Weekly Collection,
    Recycling Depository
  • Street Division: Street Sweeping,
    Street Maintenance, Public Tree
    Removal, Snow Removal,

    Online Service Request Form


  • Getting On A Bid List
  • Contacting the Purchasing Director
  • Bid Results

Water Department:

  • FrequentlyAsked Questions
  • Services 
  • Water Quality
  • Water Rates







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