Here is a basic sign/brochure concept I came up with for the Open House Tour.  I thought maybe we should have a slightly different look for this event but maybe I am wrong.  I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on using different colors, etc for this event (sort of branding it on it's own) or if we would be better sticking to our standard colors.

I was looking for a house to use a background and since I don't want to feature a listing that may (or may not) end up on the tour I asked Nathan if it would be okay to use his house.  He graciously agreed and I think it looks great but am open to ideas.

In any event I need something that will work on both signs and the cover of a brochure.

It may be a little type heavy for signage and that's why I thought the QR code version might be easier for those who use that technology but it's not nearly as nice looking with a big space age black and white blob in the middle but it is the latest trend!

I designed it so that the signs could be used again by dropping in a vinyl sticker over the date for the next event.  That way we could hopefully get 3-4 open house tours out of each sign.

Thoughts, ideas?


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